KeplerSwap: The Most Effective Decentralized Exchange Protocol

The provision of digital currency has led to the rapid creation of DeFi technology in the world. And DeFi is set to increase the unique value that digital currency has created. DeFi development is currently at version 1.0 with some issues like scalability.

Thus, Kepler technology is developing DeFi version 2.0 to run big scale and innovative DeFi system needs. It’ll have more credible participation methods.

keplerSwap prides itself as the most effective Decentralized Exchange protocol. Read on to see the structure and features of keplerSwap’s Decentralized Exchange.

KeplerSwap DeFi Vision

The keplerSwap DeFi vision is to implement a big DeFi application protocol to support financial activities with blockchain technology.

With fairness, the platform aims to innovate and create success from Kepler initial creation.

SDS Token Description

SDS (Seeds Token) is the major medium that supports KeplerSwap value construction. KeplerSwap token is the creative seed for the DeFi 2.0 innovation. The SDS 80% will be mined, 10% will be utilized for airdrops plus market partnerships, while the remaining 10% will be utilized for private placement projects.

The Structure of keplerSwap Decentralized Exchange

keplerSwap wishes to succeed in DeFi technology development and financial innovation for the future of DeFi 2.0.

  • During the initiation stage, KeplerSwap offers a decentralized exchange protocol that operates on BSC public blockchain. The market participants or users can put and trade BUSD assets across the platform.
  • After commissioning the platform, the project would bring more DeXe protocols to interoperate with other public blockchains using the features of multi-chain and cross-chain aggregation.
  • In the last stage, KeplerSwap will enhance the support and technology for DeFi development on public blockchains. It’ll specify the underlying technical standards for interoperability for public blockchains.

KeplerSwap is a Decentralized Trading Platform on BSC

KeplerSwap is an effective decentralized trading protocol on BSC. The platform is the first deXe of the DeFi 2.0 Ecosystem. In addition, it has access to DeFi 1.0 services and provides other services such as Referral Program, Space, and Lucky Pool.

KeplerSwap is a Defi 2.0 explorer; it’s a smart contract based on BSC. And it works on achieving multi-chain and cross-chain aggregation.

KeplerSwap has selected BSC as its first major public chain to go live according to the long-term global perspective. The platform will implement cross-chain aggregation; thus, it’ll be opened for listing. Also, the project will support multi-currency asset exchange for some main coin public chains.

Unique Features of KeplerSwap Decentralized Exchange

  1. KeplerSwap is a decentralized exchange contract on the BSC public chain. Users can easily exchange digital assets on it.
  2. A unique feature of KeplerSwap is its transaction fee. It returns a bigger proportion of trading fees to the traders.

Investors take 95% of the transaction fees, while the remaining 5% is channelled to ecology development.

The bigger portion of KeplerSwap trading fees is owned by users. They’ll take it as a reward for their efforts on the platform.

  1. The referral program is another unique feature of this platform. It enables users to earn while referring others to the platform.

The platform trading is based on referral, and every invitation is tied for life after confirmation.

  1. keplerSwap features a lucky pool that encourages users to engage in the liquidity market; thus, rewarding them with greatly random rewards.

More so, it makes users actively bring liquidity and utilize high random rewards in return. All these are to encourage users to add more liquidity to the platform.

  1. The SPACE function will enhance connections among KeplerSwap users. It’ll also expand the user’s benefit while realizing community autonomy in KeplerSwap ecosystem ecology.

The Space feature will allow users to put their resources to get ideal decentralized governance.

  1. The liquidity pool significantly supports the DeFi protocol on-chain implementation.

The inclusion of many people will add to the mining pool liquidity and help the entire Ecosystem development.




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