Reasons you need to bag SDS before it launches

DeFi 2.0 is an inevitable growth for future finance with powerful and unprecedented vitality. With the SDS token, KeplerSwap aims to create a new DeFi 2.0 Eco-system with fairness and reliability that involves all mankind.

KeplerSwap DeFi Vision

The vision of KeplerSwap is to build and implement a large-scale DeFi application platform to support economic activities using blockchain technology.

It aims to continuously innovate and build success and achievements from the initial creation of KEPLER.

SDS Token

SDS (Seeds Token) is the main medium that supports the value construction of KeplerSwap. It’s the creative seed for the DeFi 2.0 ecosystem.

80% of the SDS will be mined, 10% will be used for airdrops and market partnerships, while 10% will be used for private placement projects.

SDS Price Prediction

The KeplerSwap SDS Token isn’t just a utility token but also a governance token given by keplerSwap to permit token holders to shape protocol futures.

The platform plans to supply up to 210,000,000 SDS tokens. 80% SDS are generated from mining, 10% SDS are reserved for business and marketing cooperation, while 10% SDS are reserved for private placement.

The significant part of SDS Token is that no SDS would be reserved for KeplerSwap. 97.5% of the transaction fees generated by trading SDS will be given back to users, while 2.5% would be utilized for Ecological construction. Hence, it has achieved a 100% value return as the first token holders contribute to KeplerSwap liquidity.

SDS Token is launched for KeplerSwap utility, and it’s the seed set to raise the next phase of DeFi. In other words, the SDS token aims to drive the new DeFi 2.0.

The Future Price Prediction of SDS

Cryptocurrencies have grown to a higher level since late 2020. For instance, CoinGecko reported that the Bitcoin price reached $64,863 in April 2021, and the total market value of DeFi has reached an unprecedented height of $140 billion.

Specifically, the SDS price prediction will be $10 towards the end of 2021 when the platform considers what the crypto industry provides. Currently, the SDS token is being pre-sold.

The public blockchain of KeplerSwap will be implemented in 2022. After that, the platform will develop other Cryptocurrency projects. The implementation will lead to an increase in SDS prices. With that, the price of SDS can sky-rocket to $100 or $500 in the near future.

Features and Benefits of KeplerSwap SDS Token

A unique thing about KeplerSwap is the transaction fee. The platform returns a big proportion of trading fees to the users.

SDS token, the first underlying asset on KeplerSwap, gives 80% mining output to Kepler members.

Each SDS holder has a decision-making right for important events, especially the voting right in the community governance. Any SDS holder can provide a proposal that’ll change the community.

SDS Token users can select various cryptocurrency pairs in liquidity market making. With the smart aggregating system on the liquidity pool, SDS Token will select the subject pair automatically to make the maximum return.

SDS is the main token output for liquidity market making on KeplerSwap. Members are encouraged to contribute to liquidity market making by incentivization.

With SDS token, KeplerSwap proposes different liquidity market-making plans to users. It has the flexibility to create a self-service market-making contribution.

SDS token is the exchange medium on KeplerSwap, and it has high liquidity. It can exchange on cross-chains with other tokens on KeplerSwap.

An SDS holder can create SPACE and become a SPACE Owner.

With SDS Token, the holder and liquidity provider can gain the interests of platform tokens by 1:100.

Interest offerings of new project tokens are granted to users who hold SDS in stock.

KeplerSwap SDS Price Prediction: Final Analysis

SDS Token is the creative seed for the DeFi 2.0 ecosystem. And it aims to be the key to innovation and autonomy in DeFi 2.0. The SDS price is set to be $10 at the end of 2021, and it will rise further in the future following the implementation of the KeplerSwap public blockchain.

Finally, it’s vital to add that SDS tokens are based on the following uses; Transaction Fee Allocation, LUCKY POOL reward, Yield Farming, Exchanges between Tokens, Ecological Medium token, Smart Aggregation, Airdrop, SPACE Creation and Voting, Interests Conversion, and Token Pledged for Coin Listing.



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