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KeplerSwap is an innovative DeFi 2.0 explorer. It’s the first platform to create a decentralized exchange platform on BSC. It’s now gradually realizing cross-chain and multi-chain aggregation.

KeplerSwap focuses on offering solutions to DeFi 1.0 with unique innovations like the vertical system, horizontal system, Space, and Lucky Pool, and Space.

These KeplerSwap innovations solve several issues within the current DeFi1.0 system.

Public Sale of KeplerSwap’s SDS

SDS is the original governance token of the KeplerSwap platform. The total amount of SDS is 210 million.

80% of the SDS would be mined, 10% would be utilized for community incentives, while the 10% would be utilized for private placements.

Though there has been a pre-sale of SDS, it hasn’t been listed yet. The public sale of SDS will start in the third week of October 2021.

According to KeplerSwap, “the SDS public sale will debut in the third week of October 2021, followed by the KeplerSwap Global Beta Test on 27 October 2021.”

After the public sale, KeplerSwap aims to issue a total token supply of 210,000,000 SDS.

Rounds for the Public Sale

  • The first round is- 0.5 USDT/SDS: 100,000 SDS
  • The second round is- 0.8 USDT/SDS: 900,000 SDS
  • The third round is 1 USDT/SDS: 3,000,000 SDS

After the launch, SDS would be released at a ratio of 15%, 15%, 15%, 15%, and 20% monthly. It’ll be a total release cycle of 5 months.

Public Sale is open to all, including the non-Whitelist member.

Note; Citizens from the following countries are restricted from the SDS public sales: Canada, China Mainland, Burundi, North Korea, Central African Republic, Serbia, and the Republic of Macedonia.

Procedure for the Public Sale

1. Click on KeplerSwap’s public sale website here

2. log in to your wallet (MetaMask is recommended). And connect to Kepler’s public sale website.

3. Press on the “internet settings.” And click on “Customization PRC.” Configure your internet settings based on the relevant requirements.

Note; BSC chain internet is required as SDS is connected via the public sale website.

4. Often refresh the SDS public sale site manually after finishing the internet configuration.

When you see a pop-up message with “connect to your wallet,” do so and input your purchase amount. After, click on “buy.” And you’re done.

Note; Connect to the MetMask if you’re with the MetaMask Wallet address. If you don’t have it, confidentially keep your private key. Don’t disclose it!

More so, prepare for your needed SDS purchase amount in advance.

Benefits of an SDS holder

The advantages of holding SDS tokens include:

  • SDS holders have incentives for KeplerSwap’s transaction fees
  • The holders can use SDS for liquidity mining while engaging in Space and Lucky Pool
  • They can enjoy some interests and privileges for KeplerSwap’s future use
  • SDS holders can participate in KeplerSwap’s development and key governance

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